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Range Repair

Range Repair & Stove Repair

7 Signs You Need Range Repair or Stove Repair

What’s normal for a range and what signals it’s time to call an appliance repair service? We provide range repair for problems like these.

  • Gas burners don’t light
  • Electric burners don’t get hot
  • Burners get too hot
  • Range won’t turn on
  • Range doesn’t get to or stay at the right temperature
  • Range door won’t shut
  • Self-clean cycle won’t work

Range Repair vs. Stove Repair – What’s the Difference?

Sometimes people use the terms “range repair” and “stove repair” interchangeably. Others insist there’s a distinct difference between the two. If it has anything to do with the kitchen appliance you use for cooking, we can fix it, and we’re not too picky about what you call it. Here’s how some people explain the difference between stove repair and range repair.


Range Repair

Often in homes, people buy their cooktop and oven as one unit. The whole thing together is a range. So, the burners are part of the range, but the oven is also included. Range repairs could be to the top, direct heat cooking surface or to the oven.

In many homes, the whole thing is one unit, and when it doesn’t work, you can’t cook. Call it stove repair or range repair, either way, we’re going to arrive ready to identify the issue and get you cooking again.

Stove Repair

The stove unit supplies direct heat to cook food. It might be on top of your oven or installed separately on your kitchen counter. Some people have a portable stove they take with them camping or tailgating. You use a stove to do things like fry, sauté or boil. When most people call for stove repair, something is wrong with their electric or gas burners.

Common Electric Range Repairs and Stove Repairs

If your electric range isn’t working, you might need these repairs.

  • Bake or broil element – If your current element is broken or burnt out, we can replace it to get you baking again.
  • Terminal block repairs – The terminal block gives power to the rest of your range. If it quits working, your burners won’t light. Our experts come prepared to replace it.
  • Top burners – Sometimes the metal connectors in individual burners shorts out. Our electric range repair experts check each one for correct functioning.
  • Knob repairs – Sometimes the inside shaft on your oven knobs breaks over time. We carry replacement range knobs.

Common Smooth Top Electric Range Repairs and Stove Repairs

When a smooth top or glass top electric stove doesn’t work, or the oven attached to it won’t heat, here are the first things we troubleshoot:

  • Knob replacement – If your knobs no longer seem to adjust temperature accurately, it may be due to a break or crack. Our experts also check for problems with switches located behind your range knobs.
  • Radiant surface element malfunctions – Underneath the circles on your glass top electric range are circular heating elements. If they don’t heat up, neither does your cooktop. We offer electric range repairs to these elements.
  • Oven rack rust or cracking – Not everyone knows oven racks can be replaced. Call us for smooth top electric range repairs when your racks get corroded over time.

Common Gas Stove Repairs and Range Repairs

When a gas stove malfunctions, these are some of the most common things we check.


  • Malfunctioning electrodes – When you turn on the gas under each burner, an electrode ignites it. If your gas doesn’t light, you may need an electrode replaced.
  • Broken switches – If switches short out, knobs won’t control heat sources on your gas range.
  • Spark module or igniter problems – If your oven doesn’t light, you may need to replace one of these elements.

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Why Choose Reed’s Appliance for Your Stove Repair or Range Repair?


Appointments on Your Schedule 

We don’t expect you to adjust your schedule around our appliance repair techs. Whether you’re a homeowner, you manage rental property or you need help at your business, in most cases, we can provide same-day service that fits your schedule.


Fast Local Service 

We offer range repairs in Waxahachie, but we also service Dallas and Tarrant County. Give us a call if you’re in Dallas, Arlington or other DFW community and we’ll send one of our expert technicians as soon as possible. 


Family-Owned Company

Our name is on the business, which means it’s on every range repair, stove repair, or appliance repair we make. Our reputation matters, and it shows in our success. Even employees who aren’t related become like family as we work toward common goals.

Our customers are also our neighbors. It means a lot to us when you welcome us into your homes and businesses, and we always appreciate the chance to get to know you, and for you to get to know us. Customers call our experts by name, and they ask for them again and again. 


Transparent Pricing

It’s unsettling to call for help with your household appliances not knowing what the bill will be. We offer transparent, up-front pricing on all repairs.

We also know value matters even more than pricing. If the cheapest route isn’t the way to go, we’ll tell you why and leave the decision in your hands.


Decades of Experience

We’ve been offering appliance repair in our area for more than 20 years. That’s a lot of broken appliances fixed and even more importantly, a lot of happy customers served. 


Courteous Experts

Everyone who works for us is in it for the long-term. They work for their families and to make our community a better place. Their extensive experience provides a wealth of background knowledge and their repeat interactions with customers means they build relationships. We care about the people we work for and we know we’ll see you again around town. That makes our experts courteous. 


Get Range Repair or Stove Repair

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